Have you noticed a significant increase in the number of cases of kyphosis in piglets following an acute clinical outbreak of PRRS?


It is not something that is easily observed, but the link between PRRS and kyphosis has been described in several papers. In fact, a recent study (published a couple of years ago) by José Pallarés, from the University of Murcia, evaluates a clinical case to try and discover what causes the increase in the presentation of this condition.Besides genetic causes, the relationship with infectious diseases such as PRRS and PCV2 is investigated. Lesions have been found in animals with kyphosis that can also occur in animals infected “in utero” by PRRSV and PCV2, such as arteritis, peri-arteritis, lymphocytic myocarditis and lymphocytic myositis.

These lesions are also associated with kyphosis in piglets affected by other conditions such as alopecia areata.

To this day, the direct link between infection and kyphosis has not been confirmed, but it has been suggested based on field observations and, as mentioned before, the type of lesions found. We must not forget that kyphosis has also been described in cases of phosphorus deficiency, for example, when there is an interaction between high doses of zinc oxide and phytases.

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