In order to follow up the PRRS situation in the farm, what type of serology test would you recommend besides ELISA and/or PCR? Is it realistic and accurate to test IFN gamma or IL-10 to show whether the management/ treatment is implemented properly?

Answered by: Enric Marco
Published on: June 9, 2016
Cytokines determination has been used to study PRRS infection under experimental conditions but it’s not a test routinely used, may be because of different reasons:
These products are not induced specifically byPRRS virus, but also byother infectious agents: SIV, M. Hyo, etc.

Abnormal levels in a PRRS infection are not yet well established. We do not know if there are differences between different strains, probably this is the case as some of these products (IL-12) have been related to persistence of the virus in the lung.

Some of these inflammatory products have a short life which is the case of IL-10 (in some experimental studies levels are reduced at 42 dpi).

This test is probably too expensive to be used routinely.

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