What is a correct way to choose a PRRS sow vaccination program? When PRRS vaccination of piglets is needed?

Answered by: Enric Marco

Piglet vaccination is usually done when we would like to reduce PRRS virus circulation on the growing phase. Vaccine will reduce the amount of PRRS virus shed by viremic animals and also will reduce duration of shedding. Those reductions are not spectacular but can help to control the PRRS virus circulation.
Sow PRRS vaccination is used in two ways. The first one is to bring back to normality the farm after an outbreak; the second one is to help the farm to maintain stability by avoiding PRRS virus recirculation among sows which will produce viremic piglets.
By vaccinating sows, immunity will be higher and more stable helping to reduce subpopulations of sows which we know are the responsible for on farm virus recirculation.


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