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An article published in “Le Parisien” states that Vegetarians would be more susceptible to mood disorders. Due to Vitamin and mineral deficiencies in people who do not eat meat. The article has been Published in the Journal of Affective Disorders, this study confirms the link between diet and mood disorders.

This information comes from Bristol University. Click here for more information. 



What WHO stands for? It is the World Health Organization.

World? If they were really interested in healing the world, maybe they should use their resources in the main health problems in the world.

Health? I encourage them to use the money and resources used in the study of some “probabilities” linked with meat consumption and cancer, in giving this food to the people who is dying because the y do not have meat to eat. They will save a lot of lives, instead of wasting their resources in dark communications with no clear purposes.

Organisation? They are really well organised. I would like to know the origin of the money supporting this study. Can someone tell where is the money coming from?