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HIPRA digitalise the animal vaccination process with Watson IoT technology in the cloud of IBM

The service is already available for veterinarians and farmers worldwide. 


Madrid – 29 sep 2016: IBM and HIPRA have announced an agreement to integrate the Internet of Things (IoT) solutions that are available in the IBM cloud with animal vaccination   This Technology allows HIPRA to be in the forefront of the Animal Health market. HIPRA name this new world as “the Smart Vaccination” concept, and they are the pioneers in developing this new concept in Animal Health.  

The Smart Vaccination concept is a turning point and there will be a new era after the IoT arrival to animal farming. The Smart Vaccination is a new world where HIPRA vaccines are connected to HIPRA’s Medical Devices and HIPRAlink (HIPRA’s software) to offer vets and farmers a new world of services and benefits for the Prevention of diseases.